Thursday, May 19, 2016

KBAR:28 The girl bully

The book got a little bit better because the kid Dana was about to beat up Roy but then this girl Beatrice comes in and saves Roy and gives Dana a pack of cigarettes.I feel like this book is getting better and I really am starting to like it.I feel still that this book does not connect to me the world or text yet but I am sure it will soon.This book is getting more suspenseful and I really want to know what happens next in each chapter.I really like this boom I recommend it to you it is very good.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

KBAR:28 the boy with the owls

So now Roy has now found Jake a little boy who has no family and lives by himself in the woods and helps protect burrowing owls that are his companions.This book is not very interesting and I do not like it that much.This book connects to me because I think that if I were to live alone I would protect the animals around me and help them. This book is good with a story but as far as the main plot I think it is not very good.Lastly I do not recommend this book to you it is very boring.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kbar:27 the new book

The new book I am reading is Hoot by Carl Hiassen so far it is about this kid named Roy Eberhardt  who moves to Florida and sees a kid skipping school.So far it is very interesting and I like it so far.This book does not connect to me yet but I think it will later on in the book.This book is very good I recommend  it to you if you love comedies.This book also shows the difference and really describes Florida.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kbar:26 the end of the book

The book was very interesting  and I learned a lot about Tony hawks life just how he was always disrespected and hated on by the skateboarders that he looked up to.It shows also that Tony hawk did not have an easy time becoming the most famous skateboarder that we know and love today he went through a very hard path to get there.I think that this relates to me because I maybe want to achieve that goal one day and maybe become as famous.I really recommend this book to you is very good it shows how someone got way too judged by his style at the time than by what tricks he did.This book is very good I recommend it to you.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Human Agency

Human agency shapes life more than forces beyond control because everything that you do in your life that you control.You can change it if you don't like your job you can simply just right a letter of resignation and quit and find new job that you like to do.For example the forces beyond our control are going to make us try new things and that most of the time we will not like for example my parents made me baseball and soccer for a year I hated both sports so much all I could think of was just when it will be over and when I will be done with it.Using the human agency strategy and doing things in the world that you will love doing and so it will make become a much happier person.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

AVID field trip reflection

The avid field trip was amazing it was so fun and I learned a lot about the colleges and how long they have      been around for.The three sites we went to at stanford university were the skybox or the stadium at Stanford.We also went to the Burnham Plaza and asked for directions to the bookstore so that we knew where to go to get there.Lastly on the way to the bookstore and we stopped at the Hoover Tower to look around at it and we learned that it was a memorial for Herbert Hoover who was a Student who attended Stanford in 1891-1895 in politics before he became senator of California.

We chose to go to those spots because we went to the Stanford Stadium then we got lost and went to the Baldini pool and then we saw the Hoover tower and that was our next destination.We went also to the Burnham plaza and asked for directions.The sites are important to Stanford because the stadium is what makes them known other than for education for sports.The Hoover tower is important because it is a memorial for one of their most successful students in politics.

My favorite part about the colleges were that the two colleges were so different from each other like how Santa Cruz was in the trees and Stanford was like a mini city in a city.I was also Surprised how Stanford was full of a lot of bustling people getting to their classes.Santa Cruz was a lot more walking than Stanford because all of the buildings weren't in one place.They were all very spread out from each other and were far away and everywhere around University of Santa Cruz you could see the trees all around the Campus it was very beautiful there and it was a school that I would like to attend.

In a College I am looking for a Campus like Stanford but by the beach so it is not as warm and hot as Stanford.I would also like a campus like Santa Cruz that is surrounded by nature and by more animals there to show that the campus is environmentally friendly.I learned a lot about the two schools for example I thought it was cool how Herbert Hoover was a student at Stanford University who studied politics to become our thirty-first president in nineteen twenty eight. My favorite part of the trip was when we were free roaming around Stanford University looking for the sights to take pictures at.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

KBAR:24 Getting known

Tony hawk with powell peralta left because he wanted to start his own company with other bones brigade pro Per Welinder and started Birdhouse skateboards.Their company was in the beginning a failure and floundered to be a selling company.Eventually the way that tony hawk skated became the way that people considered how old people skated.I think this connected to me because I own a skateboard company called shapes wax co but I have not been very successful lately.This book is very good I recommend it to you.